The World’s Most Successful Monopoly

Sustainable. Beloved. Monopoly? Three words not usually used together, but in the case of the gondoliers of Venice, they certainly fit. Although this topic is not strictly sci-fi or fantasy, Venice and its gondolas are the closest experience we have to a real-life fantasy experience, so we (I on my own blog) will let it... Continue Reading →

How Path of Exile’s Unique League System Keeps the Game Fresh and Economically Viable: Real World Economy

In my previous post, I discussed how Path of Exile's (POE) unique league system prevents in-game prices from bottoming out, thus holding player interest and keeping the game experience fresh. Today, I will be examining how the league system also continuously generates real revenue for POE's developers through microtransactions (MTX). POE's MTX, which are the... Continue Reading →

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